3 Reasons Why You Can't Figure Out What You Want

This 4-word question can either make you or break you. Because the answer is either concise or unknown. 

The humorous part is that as a child each of us could give a response to exactly what we wanted in a decisive 3-second answer. So why is it such a challenge to answer what we want in our careers, families, or relationships? 

#1 It’s because there are so many choices. 

There are so many options and decisions that need to be made to make it to the next day. Nevermind the next year. And god forbid we ask about life purpose, dreams, and vision. In a world, with endless opportunities, it can be overwhelming to pick what we want because it feels like we might make the wrong choice.  

The solution here is easier than you think. No choice is wrong. The only incorrect decision is not making one at all. Growth happens through mistakes, it's what empowers each and every person with the chance to learn. It's a decision that sets a path that...

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