Five Life Lessons From Quarantine

Are you reflecting on life right now?
Because we sure are. 

We are all losing count of the days of the week and the days that have passed in quarantine. So here are the five lessons we have learned so far. 

Number 1: The realization of everything that was taken for granted. 

And we don’t mean big things like tropical destinations. It’s those little things that would never come to mind when you're listing what you are thankful for. Like waiting in line at a busy market for fresh fruit without having to worry about gloves, masks, and 6-foot distancing. It’s hugging your grandparents. It’s tickling your nieces and nephews. It’s rushing into your favourite coffee shop on break at work to grab a cup of coffee. Or it's squeezing in an early morning gym session surrounded by people practicing the same healthy mindset. 

It’s realizing that everything that was once routine is now a blessing. That all those things that were considered...

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