7 Tips For Boosting Your Energy

Tips for sanity, positivity, and health to get through any day 


With actual food, not just the quick grab and go. Your attention span, focus, and ability to get things accomplished will be greatly improved my fueling your body with what it needs. Preparing healthy to-go snacks with fruits and vegetables the night before always helps to ensure you stay on track with your personal food plans. 


This is always a good start because who doesn't love a break. Creating screen breaks, where you physically walk away from whatever you are doing actually helps to increase your productivity. Try time blocking your tasks in 50-minute intervals, with 10 minutes for a break in between. This hack is going to save your sanity! 


Yes, you should be informed. That doesn't mean listening 24/7 while stocking your social media. Give it 30 minutes a day for your updates. Try tuning into podcasts for positivity. These are a few of our favorites: Ted Radio Hour, RISE Podcast and the mindbodygreen. 


With the people in your life, whether that's family, friends or collogues. It's making time for the people that bring you happiness. It's slowing down to take a few minutes for a phone call. You never know who needs to hear from you until you reach out. 


Maybe it's the gym, a yoga studio or a run. Maybe for you, movement means getting outside for a walk. Whatever this looks like in your routine committing to 30 minutes will change you for the better. This habit will transform your mind, body, and energy. 


Focus on your wins in the day. For the moments that you have to be grateful for. Even the days that feel harder, it just means you need to dig a little deeper. Making this a daily practice does absolute wonders for increasing your overall mood and mindset.  


We all know this one. Yet why does each evening turn into one more episode? Likely because setting a goal of going to bed one hour earlier doesn't just happen. So why not try to work up to that goal? Start by committing to going to bed 15 minutes earlier and work your way to the full hour. Then watch the transformation in your day. 


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