3 Reasons Why You Can't Figure Out What You Want

This 4-word question can either make you or break you. Because the answer is either concise or unknown. 

The humorous part is that as a child each of us could give a response to exactly what we wanted in a decisive 3-second answer. So why is it such a challenge to answer what we want in our careers, families, or relationships? 

#1 It’s because there are so many choices. 

There are so many options and decisions that need to be made to make it to the next day. Nevermind the next year. And god forbid we ask about life purpose, dreams, and vision. In a world, with endless opportunities, it can be overwhelming to pick what we want because it feels like we might make the wrong choice.  

The solution here is easier than you think. No choice is wrong. The only incorrect decision is not making one at all. Growth happens through mistakes, it's what empowers each and every person with the chance to learn. It's a decision that sets a path that...

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5 Strategies To Build Success

It’s so easy to define success with a specific dollar amount. The reality is though that you can have complete financial freedom and still not feel successful. Today we are going to walk through why. 

It’s not only about hustling long hours at work. What will actually make you successful is focusing on a variety of areas, yes in your career, and most importantly in your life. 

It’s how you view yourself, your mindset, your professional life, growth, and your overall lifestyle. That’s a lot to juggle here so let’s start with the five strategies that will help you to live a successful life. 


Strategy #1: Become clear on what you want to achieve  

Without a direction of where you are going, you may find yourself running around in circles. Or existing instead of evolving. Getting crystal clear on what you want to achieve provides vision and direction. 


Strategy #2: Recognize your strengths and weaknesses 


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Avoid Making This Mistake With Your Vision

Stop overthinking it. 

You are probably thinking well that’s nice. How exactly do you do that? 

Well, what we mean is to take the pressure off yourself. Once the focus turns outward instead of inward, the answers show up. So instead of focusing on a daunting task of trying to squeeze your life vision into a sentence…start by deciding on the direction you want to move towards.

For example, our brand vision began because we decided it was our purpose to help. So every single thing we do is now based on that. Is what we are doing today helping someone? Can this post help someone? Is this email helpful to someone?

It turns out that this one-word “help” got weaved into our brand, our vision, our direction, our purpose, and our lives. Yes, the branding evolves and our direction grows. Although the point here is, this started because of one single word that gave us a feeling, this feeling turned into a motivating drive behind why we do what we do.


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The Ultimate Self Image Cheat Sheet 

So do you ever find yourself questioning your capabilities like you are stuck in place? Like you can’t move forward because you just aren’t ready for that next step. Because someone somewhere may judge or question you. 

Well, you aren’t alone. 

A study in 2019 found that over 89% of participants experienced something called Imposter Syndrome (www.clarejosa.com), to a point that it was affecting their overall performance. This syndrome essentially means that you are doing something new, outside of your comfort zone and it’s creating feelings of insecurity and self-doubt. 

Self-doubt has the potential to make you feel like you aren’t enough, like you aren’t capable, like you are a fraud. Except you aren’t, you’re just trying something new as you transition through learning. 

We have all been there. The reality is that as long as growth is involved, fear is actually unavoidable. It’s truly a fear that is showing...

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Why You Should Focus on Improving Your Leadership

Because it makes the difference between mediocre and extraordinary. 

We are speaking directly to the growth-minded individuals here. The people that want more for themselves and aren't willing to settle. 

The first reason why leadership is important is that it paves the way for self-acceptance. 

This acceptance will happen when personal needs are prioritized first. This is a lot easier said than done because there are many layers to this process. This doesn’t start with one check mark on a task list. This is built through consistent actions and disciplined routines that allow you to perform with productivity and confidence. 

That means creating a foundation of habits that push you to reach for a new potential. That looks like incorporating fitness, wellness, and mindset into your lifestyle. That means making workouts, mediation, and health a staple in life. The first step to adding these into your routine is by making your morning and evening routine a...

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2 Routines That Will Change Your Life 


And it’s all small tasks that will have a HUGE impact. 

Habits happen through a loop, beginning with outside triggers, then the reaction, and the outcome. That is quite powerful if you think about it because you truly hold the ability to control your outcome by choosing how to respond to situations. 

So how do you create new habits to positively impact your life? Well, it’s by adding building blocks of mini productive activities and stacking them together to build a routine. 

We call this the Five Star Routine. Some days may not be five stars, maybe it’s only a two-star day. However, the goal here is that we continue to get up the next day and commit to the effort of executing the five tasks in each morning and evening routine.


Star 1: Get up at a set time 

This seems so simple because it really is. The hardest part of this is likely actually getting up and not hitting the alarm seven times. This consistent...

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Three Ways to Stay Focused Instead of Frantic

The tools to help you get on track. 

As we continue to juggle more onto our plates between work, family, kids, friends, exercise, cooking, new classes, downtime and self-care time. All. Of. It. Builds. Up. 

Especially when we don’t have a plan. When we aren’t in control of what is happening. When the outside world is dictating our inside results. 

That’s why we have the three-step process to take back ownership so you can go from frantic to focused. So you can check one thing off your to-do list at a time. And you can really relax at the end of the day knowing that you made progress forward. 

Step 1: Schedule Your Week 

Scheduling might seem daunting at the beginning but once you nail down the process it actually brings a sense of clarity into your life. It’s the reason why we live by the law that “if it’s not in my schedule it doesn’t exist. 

Scheduling doesn’t mean that it’s all work and no play....

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Five Life Lessons From Quarantine

Are you reflecting on life right now?
Because we sure are. 

We are all losing count of the days of the week and the days that have passed in quarantine. So here are the five lessons we have learned so far. 

Number 1: The realization of everything that was taken for granted. 

And we don’t mean big things like tropical destinations. It’s those little things that would never come to mind when you're listing what you are thankful for. Like waiting in line at a busy market for fresh fruit without having to worry about gloves, masks, and 6-foot distancing. It’s hugging your grandparents. It’s tickling your nieces and nephews. It’s rushing into your favourite coffee shop on break at work to grab a cup of coffee. Or it's squeezing in an early morning gym session surrounded by people practicing the same healthy mindset. 

It’s realizing that everything that was once routine is now a blessing. That all those things that were considered...

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3 Ways To Shift Your Headspace

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed?

Like you have a million things on the go at all times. Like you have a mental note of everything that’s going on but not one plan for how it’s going to happen. 

If you have a photographic memory, you are the chosen one. The rest of us are likely not going to remember a million things to take mental notes of. 

So here are three ways to declutter your headspace so you can start to take some action. 


Grab a paper and pen then set your timer for 50 minutes. No more and no less. Then write everything you are thinking. The thoughts, the tasks you have to do, your to-do list, grocery list, all of it. You might find you are done writing with 20 minutes to spare. Now start listing that negative self talk that you are telling yourself. Seriously, here is where you want to really get everything out of your head. If you find you still have time then start to picture each room in your house,...

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How To Reset & Recharge



(Even when the world is out of balance)

The reality is there is a TON happening in our lives right now, there is also a TON not happening at the same time. And we are all doing the best we can. 

So we have more time, more distractions, more reasons. But how do you use this as an opportunity to change?


We mean that in the kindest way possible. You are not able to show up with your best foot forward unless you are in the headspace to do so. When you're on a flight just before take-off, those 5 minutes where the flight attendant stands at the front of the plane and you typically keep reading or scrolling on your phone. We want to remind you of what they talk about. They show you how to place your oxygen mask on yourself, first. Before you help someone else, including your partner and your kids. 

The reality is we can’t show up for anyone else, or even ourselves unless we are in a mindset where this is...

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