How To Reset & Recharge



(Even when the world is out of balance)

The reality is there is a TON happening in our lives right now, there is also a TON not happening at the same time. And we are all doing the best we can. 

So we have more time, more distractions, more reasons. But how do you use this as an opportunity to change?


We mean that in the kindest way possible. You are not able to show up with your best foot forward unless you are in the headspace to do so. When you're on a flight just before take-off, those 5 minutes where the flight attendant stands at the front of the plane and you typically keep reading or scrolling on your phone. We want to remind you of what they talk about. They show you how to place your oxygen mask on yourself, first. Before you help someone else, including your partner and your kids. 

The reality is we can’t show up for anyone else, or even ourselves unless we are in a mindset where this is possible. With that being said, you are totally and completely 100% capable of creating a mindset where you are open and ready to take action. It just means creating space for what you need to operate at full capacity. 

It means doing those things you love. Those things that make you thrive. Those things that make you smile. It means creating space in your life for a hobby that is all just for you. Maybe that looks like getting in daily movement, yoga or painting. Whatever it is, do it because you deserve it. 


Take ownership, responsibility, and accountability for where you are at. Then take action for what needs to change. We don’t mean run a marathon tomorrow. We mean decide what habits in your life are holding you back instead of pushing you forward. We mean to pick that one thing that is really throwing off your day. Then pick that one thing that needs to happen in replacement.

As an example, if waking up is a challenge, if you find you are late, if you feel like you are running around like a mad man because you aren’t prepared in the mornings. Then it’s probably time to change your routine. To prepare for your mornings the night before, and to actually take the time to slow down and schedule what needs to happen before you get up in the morning. 

The trick is to start with one tweak in your schedule. Seriously, just one thing. Do that for 30 days before you incorporate something else. And watch how this gives you the opportunity to grow into the person you are trying to become. 


We all have something going on, something that can bring us down if we let it. Yet we also have so much to be grateful for in our lives. We get to wake up, have friends and family that love us, have a roof over our heads and food to eat. Those necessities that can feel like a right are really a blessing. 

As a challenge, try writing out 10 things you're grateful for before bed each night. For these, you want to get super specific and select things from that exact day. This allows you to be present and stay grounded. It allows you to enjoy those little moments, things and experiences. 

You will be surprised by how this action allows you to see the lesson in everyday life. The opportunity out of failures. And the wins that still show up out of losses. It will change your perspective so that you will always see the glass as half full. 


The Be Do Have Movement Team

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