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3 Reasons Why You Can't Figure Out What You Want

business & careers Jun 15, 2020

This 4-word question can either make you or break you. Because the answer is either concise or unknown. 

The humorous part is that as a child each of us could give a response to exactly what we wanted in a decisive 3-second answer. So why is it such a challenge to answer what we want in our careers, families, or relationships? 

#1 It’s because there are so many choices. 

There are so many options and decisions that need to be made to make it to the next day. Nevermind the next year. And god forbid we ask about life purpose, dreams, and vision. In a world, with endless opportunities, it can be overwhelming to pick what we want because it feels like we might make the wrong choice.  

The solution here is easier than you think. No choice is wrong. The only incorrect decision is not making one at all. Growth happens through mistakes, it's what empowers each and every person with the chance to learn. It's a decision that sets a path that allows for pivoting into success.  

#2 Focus is lost on too many irrelevant things. 

Instead of deciding what we actually want to achieve, we decide to focus on the things that don't matter. And in the interim, we end up trying to do everything while not actually accomplishing anything. 

Opportunities can be a double-edged sword if you aren’t clear about what you want. The light at the end of this tunnel is it’s possible to figure out. It will some time to narrow down. Which means deciding what areas of your life are important. If that's your career then what skills do you need to make time for so that you accomplish your goals? If it's your family then when will you show up for them so that you can make your relationships stronger? Once you make a list of the people and areas of your life that matter to you and your goals it will make it easier to say no to everything else. 

#3 Money is prioritized over dreams. 

Our dreams were elaborate fantasies as kids. And now it can feel impossible to know what we want in a year, nevermind in 10. Let’s imagine that you could take money out of the picture. If you could snap your fingers and have your dream savings in the bank. Then what would you do with your time? What would bring you joy? How would you make an impact by serving other people? 

The thing is, when money is eliminated it gives you the freedom to dream because you aren’t locked into the responsibilities and the stuff that might be what is holding you back from answering what you want. When we step into our dreams we allow ourselves the opportunity to respond to what we want from our hearts. 

Give yourself the space to dream. Remember to simplify your choices, focus only on the people and areas of your life that matter, and listen to your heart. 

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