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2 Routines That Will Change Your Life 

high-performance Apr 28, 2020


And it’s all small tasks that will have a HUGE impact. 

Habits happen through a loop, beginning with outside triggers, then the reaction, and the outcome. That is quite powerful if you think about it because you truly hold the ability to control your outcome by choosing how to respond to situations. 

So how do you create new habits to positively impact your life? Well, it’s by adding building blocks of mini productive activities and stacking them together to build a routine. 

We call this the Five Star Routine. Some days may not be five stars, maybe it’s only a two-star day. However, the goal here is that we continue to get up the next day and commit to the effort of executing the five tasks in each morning and evening routine.


Star 1: Get up at a set time 

This seems so simple because it really is. The hardest part of this is likely actually getting up and not hitting the alarm seven times. This consistent action will set a standard for your day, leading with you in charge. 

Star 2: Make your bed

This small task really sets you up for success. Have you seen the US Navy Admiral speech about this? Point is, that this sets your day up with an accomplishment. To make sure you are starting off your morning with your best foot forward. 

Star 3: Practice mindfulness

This can look different for everyone. Our go-to practice is to meditate each morning so that the day begins with a clear mind. Another option to replace meditation is to simply take 5 minutes of silence to visualize your goals and your ideal successful day. Starting off with a clear mind is the key to show up as your best self. 

Star 4: Get in movement 

The goal here is to commit to planning your workout in the morning to begin your day with optimal energy. Movement can take place in many forms based on whatever feels good for you. It’s fun to think outside the box, it may be a home workout, a yoga video, simple stretching, or a morning walk. 

Star 5: Set actions & intentions

If you're not planning your day, that means the outside world is. So to take back that space, the morning is your time to set your goals for the day. Don’t forget to take a mental note of your intentions for the day based on how you want to show up. 


Star 1: Write out a win 

This task takes one minute and it’s the mindset shift that will end your day on a high. Think about one thing from your day that was a win. One positive thing that happened, that made you smile or move you forward. This may look like a lovely conversation with a loved one, to a task list that was complete or maybe even a task that was achieved to get you closer to your goals. 

Star 2: Write out a lesson

Similar to the wins, this is a brief task. The goal is to not focus on the negative but the opportunity to improve. Maybe there is something that didn’t go as planned. Maybe you realized how you could have handled a situation better. Whatever that single lesson was from the day, write it down. 

Star 3: Gratitude Journal

Ending your evening in bed with gratitude is an effective way to stay focused on the positives. To recognize all the things, people and experiences we have to be grateful for. To simply slow down and realize that even on the hardest days, there are at least five things that we have to be thankful for. 

Star 4: Read 10 pages

Implementing this in replacement of Netflix in bed isn’t always easy. But falling asleep to something other than a screen really does wonders. Reading 10-pages may look like a self-improvement book or a simple story that you can drift into. This activity gives you a nice break from technology. 

Star 5: Go to bed at a set time

Similar to the morning schedule this task instills consistency into your life. This ensures you are getting the rest you deserve so you can show up as your best self. This simple shift in your evening routine will have a long-lasting effect on your productivity. 



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