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The Ultimate Self Image Cheat Sheet 

mindset May 11, 2020

Do you ever find yourself questioning your capabilities like you are stuck in place?
Like you can’t move forward because you just aren’t ready for that next step.
Because someone somewhere may judge or question you...

Well, you aren’t alone!

A study in 2019 found that over 89% of participants experienced something called Imposter Syndrome (, to a point that it was affecting their overall performance. This syndrome essentially means that you are doing something new, outside of your comfort zone and it’s creating feelings of insecurity and self-doubt. 

Self-doubt has the potential to make you feel like you aren’t enough like you aren’t capable like you are a fraud. Except you aren’t, you’re just trying something new as you transition through learning. 

We have all been there. The reality is that as long as growth is involved, fear is actually unavoidable. It’s truly a fear that is showing up because time is needed to create that confidence. 

These steps when taken will speed up the process. So you can break through imposter syndrome and step right into the level of confidence that you are worthy of.

Step 1:
RECOGNIZE the story you are telling yourself 

This can happen in many different ways. It is recommended to keep something called a jot journal on you throughout the day or even a tracker in your phone notes. The purpose is to track negative thoughts that show up about limiting beliefs or self-doubt. Simply writing out what is showing up and where it is steaming from will increase your overall self-awareness. 

 on the thoughts and feelings showing up 

Increasing self-awareness is the initial step to transitioning into reflection. That means taking the time to track limits that are showing up in your life, your career, or your relationships. This can be accomplished by setting 15 minutes of weekly reflection. In those 15 minutes write out what is showing up for you with each of the following journal prompts. 

I’m worried...

I doubt….

I’m afraid….

Step 3:
REWRITE the narrative in the situation 

This step is adding another 15 minutes to your reflection to flip that script. That means taking each worry, doubt, and fear and transiting that into an unlimited belief. Into a thought where you are taking the lead and deciding the mindset. It is taking each limiting prompt and flipping the language to a positive one. Follow the prompts below and watch your thought process change as you break through imposter syndrome. 

I believe….

I am….

I will….

This doesn’t happen overnight. But the focus here is that it is possible. It starts with a decision to commit to this three-step process to begin taking control of your belief systems. 

Remember you are capable of more than you think. 




The Be Do Have Movement Team 

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