Avoid Making This Mistake With Your Vision

Stop overthinking it. 

You are probably thinking well that’s nice. How exactly do you do that? 

Well, what we mean is to take the pressure off yourself. Once the focus turns outward instead of inward, the answers show up. So instead of focusing on a daunting task of trying to squeeze your life vision into a sentence…start by deciding on the direction you want to move towards.

For example, our brand vision began because we decided it was our purpose to help. So every single thing we do is now based on that. Is what we are doing today helping someone? Can this post help someone? Is this email helpful to someone?

It turns out that this one-word “help” got weaved into our brand, our vision, our direction, our purpose, and our lives. Yes, the branding evolves and our direction grows. Although the point here is, this started because of one single word that gave us a feeling, this feeling turned into a motivating drive behind why we do what we do.


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