3 Ways To Shift Your Headspace

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed?

Like you have a million things on the go at all times. Like you have a mental note of everything that’s going on but not one plan for how it’s going to happen. 

If you have a photographic memory, you are the chosen one. The rest of us are likely not going to remember a million things to take mental notes of. 

So here are three ways to declutter your headspace so you can start to take some action. 


Grab a paper and pen then set your timer for 50 minutes. No more and no less. Then write everything you are thinking. The thoughts, the tasks you have to do, your to-do list, grocery list, all of it. You might find you are done writing with 20 minutes to spare. Now start listing that negative self talk that you are telling yourself. Seriously, here is where you want to really get everything out of your head. If you find you still have time then start to picture each room in your house,...

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