2 Routines That Will Change Your LifeĀ 


And it’s all small tasks that will have a HUGE impact. 

Habits happen through a loop, beginning with outside triggers, then the reaction, and the outcome. That is quite powerful if you think about it because you truly hold the ability to control your outcome by choosing how to respond to situations. 

So how do you create new habits to positively impact your life? Well, it’s by adding building blocks of mini productive activities and stacking them together to build a routine. 

We call this the Five Star Routine. Some days may not be five stars, maybe it’s only a two-star day. However, the goal here is that we continue to get up the next day and commit to the effort of executing the five tasks in each morning and evening routine.


Star 1: Get up at a set time 

This seems so simple because it really is. The hardest part of this is likely actually getting up and not hitting the alarm seven times. This consistent...

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